Policies and Procedures

The Policies contained on this Web site have been approved by College Executive and are enacted under the authority of section 15(1)(h) of the College Act, 1996, in conjunction with Board Policy GP-RR-904.

Section 15(1)(h) of the Act grants to the Board of the College the authority to “make general policies to govern the organization, administration and operation of the college including personnel policies which, unless otherwise approved by the minister, shall adhere to the personnel administrative procedure of the province”.  Board Policy GP-RR-904 then authorizes the College President, in consultation with the Board, to “develop, authorize and implement regulations and procedures governing all aspects of the administration of the College”.

Aboriginal EducationAC-116
Academic CouncilAC-100AC-100-PR
Academic DefinitionsAC-101AC-101-PR
Academic Program AssessmentAC-122AC-122-PR
Applied Degree Program ApprovalAC-121AC-121-PR
Awarding Diplomas & CertificatesAC-104AC-104-PR
Deans and Chairs CouncilAC-115AC-115-PR
Industrial Trades - Rewrite of ExaminationsAC-117AC-117-PR
Institutional Research & PlanningAC-114AC-114-PR
Medical RequirementsAC-108
Program Advisory CommitteesAC-110AC-110-PR
Program ApprovalAC-106 AC-106-PR
Program Eligibility List and Program WaitlistAC-119AC-119-PR
Program ReviewAC-109AC-109-PR
Research Ethics for Human and Animal SubjectsAC-113AC-113-PR
Signing Authority for Academic CredentialsAC-120AC-120-PR
Corporate Services
Access to Information and Protection of PrivacyCS-321CS-321-PR
Breach of Contract by CNA ContractorCS-316
Capital Allocation & SpendingCS-304CS-304-PR
College Closure – Emergency SituationsCS-303CS-303-PR
College VehiclesCS-315 CS-315-PR
Disposal of AssetsCS-322CS-322-PR
Emergency Response PlanCS-311CS-311-PR
Financial AuditCS-302CS-302-PR
Financial CreditCS-319CS-319-PR
Fixed Asset InventoryCS-306CS-306-PR
Membership Association OrganizationsCS-309CS-309-PR
Mobile Communications TechnologiesCS-310CS-310-PR
Partnership Agreements - ContractsCS-305CS-305-PR
Petty CashCS-317CS-317-PR
Privacy BreachCS-320CS-320-PR
Risk ManagementCS-313CS-313-PR
Travel and EntertainmentCS-308CS-308-PR
Human Resources
Conflict of InterestHR-401HR-401-PR
Continuous LearningHR-404HR-404-PR
Early and Safe Return to WorkHR-407HR-407-PR
Employee Code of ConductHR-403HR-403-PR
Employee DisciplineHR-414HR-414-PR
Employee RecognitionHR-406
Employee Recognition - Awards of ExcellenceHR-406-PR-1
Exit InterviewsHR-412HR-412-PR
Flexible Work ArrangementsHR-411HR-411-PR
Hours of Work and OvertimeHR-415HR-415-PR
New Employee OrientationHR-418HR-418-PR
Occupational Health and SafetyHR-405
Occupational Health and Safety - Hazard Recognition Evaluation and ControlHR-405-PR-2
Occupational Health and Safety - Incident Reporting and InvestigationsHR-405-PR-3
Occupational Health and Safety - Medical Ergonomic AssessmentsHR-405-PR-4
Occupational Health and Safety - Workplace InspectionsHR-405-PR-1
Political ActivityHR-408HR-408-PR
Scent PolicyHR-420
Smoke Free CollegeHR-419HR-419-PR
Special Leave Without PayHR-402HR-402-PR
Industry & Community Engagement
Intellectual PropertyICE-711ICE-711-PR
Marketing the CollegeICE-704ICE-704-PR
Memorial DonationsICE-707ICE-707-PR
Prospect ClearanceICE-702ICE-702-PR
Public Relations - News Media CoverageICE-705ICE-705-PR
Website Development & MaintenanceICE-706ICE-706-PR
Information Systems
Electronic Information Systems UseIS-501IS-501-PR
Electronic Mail (E-Mail) and Internet UsageIS-502IS-502-PR
IT Infrastructure ProcurementIS-506IS-506-PR
Mobile Computing Devices Procurement & UsageIS-504IS-504-PR
Network User AccountsIS-505IS-505-PR
Personal & Confidential College Data EncryptionIS-503IS-503-PR
President's Office
Amendment of CNA Policies - QatarPO-004PO-004-PR
College Corporate SealPO-003PO-003-PR
Development of Policies and ProceduresPO-001PO-001-PR
Environmental SustainabilityPO-006
Public Affairs
Records and Information ManagementPA-603PA-603-PR
Breach of Contract by CNA-Q Canadian Hired EmployeeQA-803
Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CNAQ)QA-802-PR
Travel and EntertainmentQA-800QA-800-PR
Student Services
Graduation CeremoniesSS-214SS-214-PR
Library - Circulation of MaterialsSS-212SS-212-PR
Library - Collection DevelopmentSS-211SS-211-PR
Peer TutoringSS-209SS-209-PR
Standardized TestingSS-210SS-210-PR
Student Appeals - AcademicSS-213SS-213-PR
Student Appeals - Non AcademicSS-203SS-203-PR
Student AttendanceSS-217SS-217-PR
Student AwardsSS-204SS-204-PR
Student Code of ConductSS-201SS-201-PR
Student DisciplineSS-202SS-202-PR
Student GovernanceSS-205SS-205-PR
Student RecordsSS-206SS-206-PR
Students with DisabilitiesSS-207SS-207-PR
Threats and Acts of ViolenceSS-215SS-215-PR

For further information or for direction regarding any areas of College operation not covered by these policies, please consult the Human Resources Policy Manual of the Treasury Board Secretariat of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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