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Message from CNASU Vice-President

On behalf of the College of the North Atlantic Student Union (CNASU), I welcome you to the College of the North Atlantic (CNA). I am delighted that you’ve chosen CNA to be a part of your journey into the rest of your life.
College of the North Atlantic has a diverse student body, from students fresh out of high school to students that are coming out of the workforce to further their education. Everyone is not only welcomed here at CNA but fits into its assorted population. The atmosphere that we at the CNASU try to accomplish over all of the campus’ in Newfoundland and Labrador is one of inclusion and welcoming.
As President of the College of the North Atlantic Student Union, I encourage everyone to take part as much as they can into their campus. The time you spend furthering your education here is not only precious but short, to get the most out of your experience I urge you to get involved into your campus’ Student Representative Council (SRC). The experience gained from being a part of the SRC not only is a great way to meet new people, make new connections and make a change in the lives of your fellow students but gives an immense amount of experience for one’s resume.
The faculty and instructors at College of the North Atlantic pride themselves at being easily accessible and ready to talk to you if anything is required. All our staff are easy to communicate with and are here to make sure your transition into the world of expertise you are training for is as smooth as possible.
We, at CNA and CNASU, are eager to see you strive for your full potential and reach for your future. I hope you take full advantage of what College of the North Atlantic has to offer you and enjoy your time with us.
Thank you for trusting us with your education.
Caitlin LePatourel
President of the CNA Ridge Road Campus
President of the CNASU

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