Academic Support

Supplementary Examinations

Students are eligible to write one supplementary examination in a course which they have attained 5 or 10 marks less than the passing grade of the course in any term.

The grade attained in a supplementary examination will replace only the grade attained in the final examination for the course and will be combined with marks previously attained for term work

The following conditions must be met in order to qualify for supplementary examination:

  • Students may be eligible to write one supplementary examination per semester
  • Supplementary examinations will not apply to any course in which the final examination is worth less than 30%
  • Supplementary examinations will not apply to any course where there is no final examination
  • Supplementary examinations will be scheduled and written during the supplementary period following the regular examination period.
  • Students must apply by submitting an application for Supplementary Examination available at the Student Services office. The established fee must accompany the application form. Refunds will be permitted only if permission to write an examination was not granted.
  • Academically dismissed students are not eligible to write supplementary examinations.

Students may apply for permission to write a deferred examination, if the examination was missed because of illness, bereavement or some other acceptable cause.

Deferred Examinations

To apply for a deferred examination, students are required to submit a request to the Student Services Office/Registrar’s Office at the campus where the student is registered. Deferred application forms are available or the student can put the request in writing and attach the proper documentation.

Requests for deferred examinations must be submitted to the Student Services Office within two weeks after the date on which the regular examination was scheduled and must be accompanied by supporting documentation (i.e., physician’s note, death announcement, etc.). The request will be assessed by the program administrator in consultation with faculty and the student will be advised accordingly.

Deferred examinations are generally written during supplementary examination periods; or at a special date arrangement by the program administrator or coordinator. Students should note that permission to write deferred examinations is a privilege, not a right, and will be granted solely on the basis of extenuating circumstances.

Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

To calculate your GPA follow this procedure:

  • Make a table of all the courses completed to date (from your transcript), and list them in columnar format on the left side of your page.
  • In an adjacent column write the credit value of these courses. You can find the credit value in the College calendar in the section where your program is listed. It will be listed as credit hours/week.
  • Next, from your transcript convert your mark in each course to a Grade Value, using the following guide.

    80% and above - 4 pts
    70-75% - 3 pts
    60-65% - 2 pts
    50-55% - 1 pts
    49% & below - 0 pts

  • Multiply the credit value in step 2 by the grade value point in step 3. Write your total points for each course in a third column on the right of your table.
  • Add up your credit values to get your total credit values attempted. Add up your total points.
  • Your grade point average can now be calculated by dividing the total points by the total credit value attempted.

The following table illustrates this exercise: