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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process that allows a student to demonstrate prior learning to possibly receive credit towards a post-secondary course. Enrolled students will be given every opportunity to receive credit for past learning experience through a comprehensive systematic process of evaluation referred to as Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. Students must initiate PLAR requests within 7 calendar days of the semester start date.
Educators recognize that people gain knowledge and skills in a variety of informal ways such as conferences, seminars, workshops, work experience, community/volunteer activities, independent reading or projects. Informal learning does not include courses obtained at another institution including high school (as these are subject to the regular guidelines concerning exemptions and transfer of credit).
Prior learning can be assessed through a number of methods. The most common methods used are challenge examinations, challenge essays, development of a portfolio, performance evaluation (on-the job assessment), simulations, interviews, or producing documents. In most cases, a combination of two or more methods are used to accurately assess prior learning.
To access PLAR you must be enrolled in a college program, your prior learning must be applicable to the course you are challenging, and the prior learning must have been informal. A sponsored student who successfully avails of PLAR should discuss this with his/her sponsoring agent to see if/how it affects his/her funding.
 Credits will be awarded for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition will be recorded on the transcript as an exemption or as a mark.
 There will be no charge for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition for students who are enrolled in a College program.
 The maximum number of credits that can be awarded through the Prior Learning Assessment process is 75 percent of the number required to complete the certificate/diploma/degree.


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