Academic Support

The Peer Tutoring program is a free service offered to College of the North Atlantic students. The program is designed to provide remedial assistance to students who, after a concentrated effort, are still experiencing difficulty in a particular subject area. Such students may be paired with a student who has been approved to tutor in the same subject area.

Peer tutors are compensated at a rate established by the campus. In many instances, instructors will identify students who would benefit from peer tutoring, as well as students who they feel would be suitable tutors. Although bringing two students together in a tutoring match-up doesn’t guarantee success, the process has proven to be effective.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel you can benefit from this service. Peer Tutoring is offered both on-campus and online to make it more accessible to our students. You can work with a counsellor at your campus for assistance in arranging a tutor or you can book an online session (check for availability of tutors in your subject area). Application forms are available from the Student Services Office or you can download the PDF's below.

Peer Tutoring Tutor Application

Instructions/Checklist for applying as a Peer Tutoring Tutor:

  •  Download the above application
  •  Fill it in electronically
  •  Sign and save it
  •  Email the signed application to your instructor
  •  Instructor signs the application (to approve your readiness to tutor) and sends it back to you
  •  If you are interested in tutoring online please send your completed application to
  • - or -
  •  If you are interested in tutoring in person please see the student services staff at your campus.

Online Peer Tutoring Options

CNA has tutors available to assist you online. At this time tutors are not available for every subject area of each school.
Choose an area of study below to book a tutoring appointment. You will have to log in using your CNA student webmail/office 365 account credentials.

Engineering Business Academics Information Technology Health Sciences Natural Resources Tourism Trades Applied Arts