Academic Support

Access to the College Network/Internet is outlined in the College of the North Atlantic Acceptable Use Policy. By registering online or by signing your registration form, you are agreeing to conform to this policy. Once you are registered at the College, you are automatically assigned an email account.

Information on accessing your email account can be found on the College’s web site at By registering as a student of the College, you also acquire access to the Internet and the World Wide Web in the College’s many labs and classrooms.

See Policy IS-501 for information on Electronic Information Systems Use. See IS-505 for information on Network User Accounts and Policy


When you register at the College, your email account is automatically created based on your student name and id. For example, if your name is John Doe and your student id is 10007126, then your login/ username will be

Your password will be set to match your date of birth. The format of the password will be dd-mmm-yyyy format. The e-mail password is case sensitive. If the day in your date of birth is 1 through 9, there is no leading zero. For example if your date of birth is Jan 3rd, 1971, then your password will be 3-Jan-1971.

Students are required to set up their self service password reset on initial login. This will enable students to recover their password if forget it.

The email service is Microsoft 365. Access to the mail service will be via the web using a suitably configured web browser. Access to your mailbox will not work correctly unless your web browser supports 128 bit encryption.

Access Outlook Webmail

Access MS Office 365

Email addresses are of the form where ## are the last two digits of your student number.

Students are strongly encouraged to access their College E-mail accounts regularly. Important information will be posted there over the Academic year, such as awards information and deadlines, academic deadline dates, registration information, etc. In many cases, faculty will post assignments, assignment results, etc.

Failure to access your College E-mail account could result in missed deadlines for which there are no extensions.