Work Exposure

What is a Work Exposure?

A work exposure is an experiential academic course that aims to integrate the student’s academic study with work experience.  All students must register in, and pass, the Work Exposure course in order to graduate.
Students will complete two to six weeks in industry (depending on program and option completed) where they are provided the opportunity to learn, develop, and demonstrate the high standards of behaviour and performance expected in the work environment.
Work should be related to the student’s program of studies.  A period of basic “office orientation” may be appropriate prior to giving the student work in their area of studies.

Purpose of Work Exposure

Throughout the work exposure experience, students will apply the skills and knowledge learned throughout their studies. They will further enhance their personal growth by developing employability skills such as team-building, customer service, work ethic, attitude, accountability, and the ability to work independently.
The work exposure is a required portion of their program of studies and must be completed before a student is eligible to receive his/her certificate/diploma and graduate. 

Length of Work Exposure

The following table outlines the length of work exposures relative to the program of studies:
Program Option Length of Work Exposure (# weeks)
Office Administration Certificate 2
Executive 6
Legal 6
Medical 6
Records & Information Management 6
Business Administration Certificate 2
Accounting 6
General 6
Human Resource Management 6
Marketing 6
Business Management Accounting 6
Human Resource Management 6
Marketing 6

Benefits of Work Exposure

  • Gain experience in your field of study that you can document on a resume
  • Apply college learning and develop/enhance employment skills
  • Experience a work environment in which you have an interest
  • Gain a better understanding of educational goals and lifelong learning
  • Gain a better understanding of your educational experience/learning through practical application


  • Experience potential employees before you hire
  • Additional support within your office
  • Business/Office students bring a broad skill set to your office environment with current technologies found in industry
  • Ability to mentor a student and provide them with valuable experienceEnhance College-industry relations