A work exposure is an experiential academic course that aims to integrate the student’s academic study with work experience. All students in their final year at the College must register in, and pass, the Work Exposure course in order to graduate.

The Work Exposure Coordinator is the individual on campus that is your contact for work exposures.  The number of individuals involved may vary depending on campus size.
All students will receive their Work Exposure Application Form (example in forms section) via email from the Work Exposure Coordinator or your instructor.  The students shall then complete the form electronically and send it as an attachment to the Work Exposure Coordinator or instructor.
Students are permitted to submit the Work Exposure Placement Preferences Form if they have a place of business they prefer to be placed.  Forms can be obtained from the Work Exposure Coordinator.
Students must register for their work exposure.  The work exposure is an academic course (practical) that takes place outside the College, but it needs registration the same as other academic courses.  Without registration, student work cannot be assessed.
All fees must be paid before the work exposure commences. The College will not award your certificate/diploma until all fees are paid.
All students are required to meet with the Work Exposure Coordinator at least one week prior to work exposure. The Work Exposure Coordinator will provide each student with their roles and responsibilities during the work exposure and ensure all appropriate forms are complete and filed.
Students will need to submit their current resume and fill out the Work Exposure Application Form before they will be scheduled for interviews. Interviews will be held on campus or in place of business. Students must prepare for the interviews appropriately (i.e. research organization’s profile, dress appropriately and be familiar with basic interview skills).
Students are expected to maintain 100 percent attendance.  Only under extenuating circumstances will absenteeism from the work exposure be excused.  College of the North Atlantic expects students to adhere to the standards of the employers.  Employers should feel comfortable in their expectations of this from their students. 
The College should be notified if there are any ongoing issues with students work performance, attendance or attitude.
If a student is sick and will be absent from work, s/he must notify both his/her Work Exposure Supervisor and the Work Exposure Coordinator at the College prior to the start of the workday.  The student will be responsible to make up any missed time at the end of their work exposure at the discretion of the employer.
Students will maintain a daily record of activities (Copy of form can be obtained from Work Exposure Coordinator) while in the place of business.  This will include a listing of the tasks performed, equipment operated, activities participated in, etc.
The supervisor should sign off each week before it is submitted to the Work Exposure Coordinator at the College.  Students must submit the Daily Activities log within one week of completing the Work Exposure.
Students are expected to follow the same work hours as staff members at a work exposure placement.
Hours of work would be the same as full-time employees of the organization/company up to a maximum of 40 hours per week. Consult with your direct supervisor and College contact should you need any special arrangement in this area.
If after your first day, you are unsure of attendance policies, please ask your supervisor.
· Start and end times
· What to do if a holiday falls within the time frame of your work exposure
· Coffee/lunch break times
· Who to contact if you will be late or absent (this also has to be reported to your instructor)
· Policies on doctor or other appointments (this also has to be reported to your instructor)
Students are expected to follow all policies and procedures required of full-time employees within the organization.
Students are expected to dress appropriately (take your cues from your supervisor and those around you) and exercise appropriate work ethics within the workplace.
NOTE:  Your work exposure placement may require you to submit a Certified Criminal Record Check/Certificate of Conduct
While placed within an organization, you may experience a variety of confidentiality/privacy issues whether it is information about people, products, or internal organizational information.  You are responsible to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.  If you are unsure what is confidential or the appropriate level of confidentiality, please discuss with your supervisor.
Organizations may also require you to sign a confidentiality agreement.
The Conference Board of Canada has researched and published three areas of critical skills needed to “enter, stay in, and progress” in the world of work.   These skill sets include the areas of fundamental skills, personal management and teamwork which can be applied to your everyday life as well as the world of work. 
You are encouraged to visit the Conference Board of Canada website and review the published list of employability skills.  These skills will help strengthen your abilities while on your work exposure.
Fundamentals Skills
The skills needed as a base for further development
Personal Management Skills
The personal skills, attitudes and behaviours that drive one’s potential for growth
Teamwork Skills
The skills and attributes needed to contribute productively
Every student completing a work exposure will be evaluated by their employer.  This evaluation is returned to the College and will become part of the student’s record.  In addition, the evaluation is also used in determining if a student passes the work exposure.
If a student decides to drop a work exposure, the student will be required to complete a drop form from the Admission’s Office.  Completing a work exposure is required to receive a certificate/diploma.
Ensure to update your resume after the conclusion of your work exposure.
Remember…if you are considering adding your supervisor as a reference on your resume when applying for future employment, you must ask first. Ensure you have their permission!
  • Respect your supervisor and listen to their suggestions.  Giving respect will ensure you get it back.
  • Take initiative and ask for work when you are not busy
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards your work
  • Be punctual
  • Do not criticize co-workers; do not gossip
  • Communicate with your supervisor – ask for performance feedback
  • Adhere to company policies
  • Maintain confidentiality – do not discuss work specifics outside the workplace
  • Arrive on time for work; do not leave early
  • Accept constructive criticism
  • Listen carefully; take time to listen to instructions and ask questions if unclear
  • Admit mistakes and learn from them
  • Dress appropriately – remember first impressions sometimes count!
  • Be a team player
  • Limit personal phone calls.  Mobile phones should be placed on silent. Calls must be short and limited to important calls only!
  • Use online technology for work purposes only (Internet, e-mail, etc.)
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your instructor.  They are only an email or phone call away!

Have you completed the following?

  • Update your resume
  • Complete Work Exposure Placement Preferences Form, if applicable, and submit to Work Exposure Coordinator
  • Complete Work Exposure Placement Form and submit to Work Exposure Coordinator
  • Attend Work Exposure Orientation
  • Register for Work Exposure the same way you register for your courses and pay fees.  Completing the Work Exposure Placement Form is not part of the registration process
  • Obtain Work Exposure information package before beginning the work exposure from Work Exposure Coordinator
  • Ensure you have your Work Exposure Coordinator contact information to take with you on your work exposure
  • Remain in touch with the Work Exposure Coordinator at the College with updates via email.
  • Maintain your Daily Activities Log and ensure your supervisor signs it at the end of each week
  • Provide the Work Exposure Coordinator with the Daily Activities Log within one week of completing your work exposure