Responsibilities of Coordinator

The Work Exposure Coordinator works with students and employers to find and place students in suitable work placements to fulfill the requirements of the work exposure.

  • Aids students in finding suitable work placements that are related to the students’ field of study
  • Ask students to complete the “Work Placement Form” and submit to Coordinator prior to beginning their work exposure
  • Submit list of work exposures using the information on the Work Placement Form in order to send out an electronic evaluation to work exposure employers  -  Employers will receive the evaluation forms via email from the following email address – CNA-Student Evaluation (
  • Ensures each student is aware of the evaluation process and that they ask their supervisor to complete the evaluation prior to the end of their work exposure
  • Meets with students prior to starting work placement to provide advice and additional information regarding work placements
  • Assists employers with all aspects of the work placement including suggesting a suitable work plan
  • Ensure employer receives letter introducing work exposure and student
  • Works with students and employers to monitor students with focus on ensuring student and employer needs are being met
  • Arranges a suitable time to conduct an on-site visit
  • Ensure employers have received the evaluation forms and explain the process of evaluating the student and purpose.  Remind employers that completed forms should be returned as soon as possible at the end of the placement to prevent delays in issuing certificates/diplomas.
  • Ensures that any recommendations regarding programs and curriculum are brought forward to the Dean and Program Developer
  • Ensures employers are aware of and completes the evaluation of the student

Site Evaluation

The Work Exposure Coordinator will have ongoing communication with employers throughout the work exposure.  Coordinators will conduct at least one site visit during the work exposure either through an on-site visit, phone interview or communication via email by the middle of a work exposure.
This visit is provided to ensure work exposures are progressing smoothly for both the employer and student.  Supervisors should be contacted to set a time that suits both the employer and the coordinator.
Students are not informed of the site visit, phone call or email.

Incomplete Work Exposure

A student failing a work exposure will receive incomplete on their transcript.  If the student is eligible to continue into the next academic term, the following steps must be followed:

  • Employer recommends a failure
  • Information forwarded to Admissions
  • Work Exposure Coordinator will schedule an appointment with student to discuss evaluation and identify areas for improvement
  • If an employer recommends a fail, the student will have to complete an additional work exposure