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Two-year and Three-year Diplomas

Business Administration (Accounting)
Business Administration (General)
Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
Business Management (Accounting)
Business Management (Human Resource Management)
Business Management (Marketing)
Computer Systems and Networking
Office Administration (Executive)
Office Administration (Legal)
Office Administration (Medical)
Office Administration (Records and Information Management)
Programmer Analyst (Business) Co-op
Software Development
Web Development


Advanced and Post Diploma

Information Management (Post Diploma)


Work Exposure/Experience

The School of Business and Information Technology incorporates work exposure/experience components in all programs, providing students with an opportunity to practice their knowledge and skills through work placements with local, and at times, national and international businesses.

Placements often result in students securing employment with their host employers. This allows students to display acquired talents in the workplace and gives them a competitive advantage.


The Office of Distributed Learning provides online access to College credit courses as well as Certificate and Diploma programs. More than 200 courses are available online as well as complete programs in Office Administration, Business Administration, Rehabilitation Assistant (OTA and PTA), Early Childhood Education, Web Development and Information Management Post-Diploma).

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