• Join our vibrant community of Canadians at Qatars premier institute of applied learning.
  • Teach students of over 30 nationalities at CNA-Q.
  • Walk, jog or bike on the Corniche - a boardwalk skirting the entire harbor of downtown Doha.
  • Gaze upon some of the most exquisite modern architecture in the world.
  • Experience the souqs - traditional markets reflecting the old world Arabic culture complete with restaurants.
  • Adventure through many awe-inspiring malls in Qatar, such as the Villagio - a mall designed after an Italian village.
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Living and Working in Qatar

City of Qatar Qatar has risen from the sands of its Bedouin pearl-diving lineage to become the richest country on the globe per capita. Rather than resting on its laurels, Qatar has been meticulously structuring and planning for its rapid growth. The Al-Thani royal family – Monarchial rulers of Qatar – has created a strong and well-defined National Vision 2030 to manage massive urban development, population growth and economic footing by investing in its people. The foundation of this plan is education.

In 2001, the Middle East State of Qatar recognized College of the North Atlantic’s (CNA) decades of expertise in post-secondary education when it chose CNA to build and administrate its first comprehensive college of technology in its capital city of Doha. Since then, College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) has established its place as the premier institute of applied learning in the Middle East, working with Qatar to make educational history and create a vibrant future for its people.

The 2012-2013 Academic Year at CNA-Q saw a celebration of the 10-year milestone with Qatar. Since opening its doors in 2002, College of the North Atlantic-Qatar has gone from initial student enrollment of 300 to 3,000, from a staff complement of 50 to well over 600 and expanded to add a number of programs custom designed for the needs of the State. We consistently recruit throughout the country to find dedicated and energetic Canadians to help us continue in operating the highest quality technical education system in the Middle East.

Exciting, challenging and rewarding, CNA-Q is offering the personal and professional experience of a lifetime!

pointer The Campus

Qatar Campus CNA-Q operates from a state-of-the-art campus with 22 custom-constructed buildings with traditional elements and modern edge concepts merged into a uniquely stunning architectural design.  The campus houses cutting-edge equipment and facilities including fully-equipped labs and shops, smart classrooms, fully-engaged theatres and an auditorium. Recreation facilities include swimming pools, tennis courts and a soccer pitch.

Male and female students have options for separate cafeterias, student lounges, and recreational areas with swimming pools. Common spaces include public lobbies, cafés, libraries, classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums and open courtyard. The campus is constantly abuzz with student-led activity and employee events, many in the beautiful expansive courtyard.

Though there are over 30 nationalities of students at CNA-Q, the majority of the student body is Qatari. And though our cultures don't appear to have much in common on the surface, these youth have similar issues and anxieties shared by students world-wide. Many wear traditional clothes (thobes for men and abayas for women), but you will see a variety of fashions— some dress just as our youth in North America do. What they find at CNA-Q, and a key to why the State of Qatar chose CNA to bring education to their young people, is at the core of what one finds in Newfoundland and Labrador—respect and warmth.

We have created a culturally diverse, student-centered college in Doha, which places high value on the success and satisfaction of our learners and shows great respect for their diverse cultures.

CNA-Q can accommodate up to 3,000 students and 700 employees and has some 4,000 alumni to date.

Check out the campus:
College of the North Atlantic-Qatar
P. O. Box 24449
68 Al Tarafa, Duhail North,
Doha, Qatar
Telephone No. +974 495 2222
Fax No. +974 495 2200
Website: Qatar Website

pointer Blueprint for success

Qatar Lab If education is the foundation of Qatar’s plan, CNA-Q is one of the architects, training graduates in careers that will be vital in the continued growth of Qatar. CNA is not only providing internationally recognized curriculum in the areas of Business, Health Sciences, Engineering, Trades and IT, but is also growing robust partnerships with local government and industry. These partnerships, such as those with Qatar Petroleum, the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Gulf Organization for Research & Development, Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute and the Qatar Olympic Committee, secure CNA-Q’s position as the premier institute of applied learning for the country.

Indeed, the rapidly developing country’s successful 2022 World Cup bid will likely accelerate exceptionally large-scale infrastructure projects such as Qatar's metro system, light rail system, and the Qatar-Bahrain causeway. They have just completed the new Hamad International Airport, which has an annual passenger capacity of 24 million. As the infrastructure of Qatar grows, so does the necessity for a highly-trained labour force.

And CNA-Q is at the forefront of training in Qatar.

pointer The personal experience

Santa The beautiful and progressive State of Qatar has embarked on a massive transformation to support its growth – new neighborhoods, shops, skyscrapers, hospitals, schools, etc., make this an ever-evolving city, one that provides much excitement. The malls are thriving, hotels offer spa days to relax and enjoy leisure time by a pool or on the beach, and the many cultural venues such as the Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, Qatar Music Academy and the Doha Film Institute provide world-class culture, art and entertainment. You will find cuisine from all over the world in Doha, catering to the 1.8 million residents (80 per cent of whom are expatriates).

The work week runs from Sunday to Thursday and where North America is typically driven by the clock, in Doha, you find that things will be done soon, Insha’Allah (God willing). The Call to Prayer, a hauntingly beautiful announcement from local mosques, is a means of calling Muslims to prayer, and can be heard five times daily.

Temperatures in Doha can dip as low as 12 degree Celcius in winter and as high as 50 in summer. Unlike our Canadian winters, Doha residents enjoy warm temperatures and sand duning, sand boarding and camping in the desert. Our families live in gated communities, where children can freely ride their bikes and hang out at the community centre or playground.  Those without children live in fully furnished apartments. All accommodations are State-funded.

Another benefit provided by the State of Qatar for CNA-Q employees is schooling. Dependent children (to a maximum of two children per family) are entitled to receive state-funded education at the Qatar Canadian School (now known as Blyth Academy): http://www.qcs.edu.qa/.

One of the best things about Doha is its location. Often called a “gateway to the world,” Doha’s location on the map makes it an ideal launch point for travel to the Far East, Europe, Africa and the rest of the Middle East. Employees often spend long weekends and holidays travelling to places like Dubai, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Thailand, the Mediterranean and Egypt.

Remarkable, fascinating, compelling. The opportunity to live and work in Qatar will provide an exciting and rewarding career challenge as we continue to grow the highest quality technical education system in the Middle East.

pointer Qatar stories

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Review the list of available CNA-Q jobs on the CNA Qatar recruitment web site. All employee recruitment is facilitated through our offices in Newfoundland and Labrador.

For more information or to apply for a position, contact us at:

Qatar Project Recruitment
1 Prince Philip Drive
P.O. Box 1693
St. John’s, Newfoundland
A1C 5P7
Tel: (709) 758-7347
Fax: (709) 758-7235
Email: ac.ln.anc@sbojrataq

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A glimpse of Qatar - a time lapse film

Photo Gallery - Life in Qatar

Qatar 1


pointer Wendy Brendzy, EFL Instructor (British Columbia)
Wendy Brendzy
The Brendzys are loving their busy and fulfilling lives in Doha

“I love my work here at CNA-Q! People are friendly and there are plenty of activities on campus (tennis, swimming, yoga, cultural activities) and off campus (festivals, music, art, camping, world-class sports) as well as opportunities to travel to so many amazing places. There is a great social element to being here and we’ve found it a wonderful place for families. We had our child here and he is thriving. There are so many things for him to do in the complex – there are parks, playgrounds, a library and he gets to play with the other kids. Life here has been very good to us!”

pointer Wilf Riego, Physics/Math Instructor (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Wilf Riego
Wilf Riego is exploring the world’s oceans with his new-found passion – diving

“Teaching at CNA-Q is a dream job with so many external opportunities. I have been here since 2003 and I am still loving it. And Doha really is as they say – a Gateway to the World. My family and I have stopped in Europe (Germany, England, Prague, Spain, Italy and Belgium) for holidays on the way home each summer. And during Christmas we would travel to warm places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. I learned to scuba dive in Thailand recently and have been exploring the world’s coral reefs and other wonders. If I were to describe my life in Qatar in a few words they would be: adventure, excitement, knowledge, diversity, challenge and… wow!”

pointer Luay Hussein, Mechanical Engineering Instructor (Ontario)
Luay Hussein
Luay Hussein’s daughters love to ride around the living community on bike

“My wife and I arrived in July 2007. The plan was to stay for two years, but we found an ideal work/life balance. With its vibrant, fast-paced operations, the financial incentive, and the time off, CNA-Q is a great place to work and grow. The country is super safe and is very family-oriented. Both my daughters were born here and they love it! There is a lot to be said about the food, the art, the architecture, the history and the future of the country. A bonus for working in Qatar at CNA-Q is how you experience the seasons: the winters here are amazing, and then the summers in Canada are exquisite.”

pointer Leigh McGlone, Senior Graphics Designer (Nova Scotia)
Leigh McGlone
Leigh McGlone enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of her labour at the Community Garden on campus

“What I love about living in Doha is the sense of family in the friends I have made here. I have learned about so many different cultures, discovered great new foods, and there is always something to do -- attending a concert by Qatar philharmonic, camping in the desert, jet skiing on the Corniche or kayaking in the mangroves. That, or just playing around in the college's community garden and sharing the fresh vegetables that literally grew from the sand.”

pointer Jeff Penney, instructor (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Jeff Penney
Jeff Penney with daughter Nicole, student counsellor at CNA-Q

“I absolutely recommend it – CNA-Q is an excellent place to work and Doha is an amazing place to live! I am a sports fanatic and here they have some of the top professional sporting events in the world – tennis, golf, soccer, and more. They have everything you need here… I couldn’t want for anything else.”

pointer Irene O’Brien, Dean of Health Sciences (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Irene OBrien
Irene O'Brien at the annual CNA-Q Skills Competition

“My Arabic students love to hear stories about life in Canada, especially when similarities are easily identified and parallels are quickly drawn. For instance, we each live by the ocean and share a deep, visceral connection to the sea. Family is everything and education is highly regarded.”

pointer Jennifer Feenstra, instructor (Nova Scotia)
Jennifer Feenstra
Jennifer Feenstra enjoying a warm breeze on campus between classes

“I’ve sure had some great moments in the classroom; nothing in the interview could have prepared me for teaching ESL to Arabic students. They are fun people! If you’re flexible and if you like having your assumptions challenged, this is a place for you.”

pointer Jagard Strong, Canadian exchange student (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Jagard Strong
Jagard Strong, Canadian exchange student, trying a camel ride in the desert

“The detail to the environment on campus is incredible – the layout, architecture, cleanliness. There are many resources available to students, and each program area has its own building. Canadian staff show the hospitality that Canadians are known for to every student and staff member. And on our first drive about I began to notice the beauty of the city. It was amazing to see the detail and effort that the country had put into its environment.”

pointer Michael Arbow, Banking and Finance instructor (New Brunswick)
Michael Arbow
Michael Arbow at the Great Wall of China

“Yes, there are challenges to moving and teaching in Qatar but the rewards are seemingly endless. First there are the students, a great group of very positive young people growing up in a nation with an extremely optimistic future. Second there is Qatar itself, a wondrous country moving quickly into the 21st century but at the same time retaining its past. Third, there is the city of Doha, a vibrant city with opportunities to catch world-level sports and festivals, enjoy year round sun and get involved in innumerable social activities. Finally there is the travel: a world class airport with inexpensive flights has allowed us to visit more countries since our arrival than many may visit in a lifetime."