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  • School of Industrial Trades
  • Program Length: 34 Weeks
  • Start Date: September 2019

  • Offered At: Placentia, Prince Philip Drive
  • This program is offered through a dual campus delivery model (Prince Philip Drive Campus in St. John's and Placentia Campus). Transportation to and from Placentia from St. John's will be provided.


This is an Industrial Trades program and may have an Apprenticeship Block Training Schedule

A machinist is a tradesperson who makes, repairs or operates machines and tools. Specifically, a machinist can set up and operate precision metal cutting and grinding machines. These can include lathes, drills, grinders, and milling machines, among others. This skilled trade involves studying specifications, drawings and even sample parts; calculating various needs; and setting up and operating conventional or computerized tools. This can be for repairing parts of existing machines or using mass production to create new products. A concern for safety, attention to detail and a commitment to precision are some of the requirements for a machinist. Even in an age of automation, there is still a high demand for skilled machinists to be involved in manufacturing, mining and a wide variety of industries.
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