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  • School of Applied Arts
  • Program Length: Two Years
  • Start Date: September 2019

Drone Journalism
In 2013, our journalism program became the first in Canada to introduce drone journalism into its curriculum. Starting in September, 2015, we will offer an entire elective course in drone journalism.

Our two-year diploma program reflects the dynamic changes in 21st century journalism.

The diploma program is built upon three foundations: journalism training, practical experience and liberal arts courses.

Our journalism courses include training in reporting, writing, news photography, audio storytelling, video storytelling, freelance journalism and online journalism, which includes using social, mobile and interactive media.

We emphasize hands-on training. Our students produce online, radio and TV news. They work as interns with professional news organizations. And they produce major individual and group journalism projects.

A journalist needs a well-rounded knowledge base, so our two-year program includes courses in political science, history, economics, oral communications and social research. Many of these courses are eligible for credit transfers to other post-secondary institutions.

We strive to keep our program current with industry advances. Ours was the first journalism program in Canada to include drone journalism in its curriculum, and we will introduce a new drone journalism elective this fall. Recently, we purchased new video and radio equipment. We also opened a new radio/TV studio. We are well-equipped to help you prepare for an exciting career in journalism.

Join the revolution. To get a taste of what you will be doing in this program, check out Kicker - our online newspaper.

pointer Testimonials

Edward Mishaud - Journalism Graduate
Edward Mishaud

"I wanted hands-on study in journalism, paired with practical and tangible coursework. The course had three full-time instructors who brought forward a wealth of experience in their respective fields and an interest in seeing their students excel. Given the small class size I knew I would be able to get much more face time with the instructors versus a larger — and more expensive — school in Nova Scotia or Ontario."

Danielle Higdon - Journalism Graduate
Danielle Higdon

"For anyone looking to enter the journalism field, the program at CNA is the perfect place to start. It introduces you to all facets of journalism, including print media, radio, television, and internet journalism. It provides you with the freedom to hone your skills in the area that you are most interested in pursuing, for me it was print media, while still encouraging you push beyond your comfort zone and gain beneficial new experience. The communal approach to learning results in a close-knit group of classmates."

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