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  • School of Industrial Trades
  • Program Length: 36 Weeks
  • Start Date: September 2019


This is an Industrial Trades program and may have an Apprenticeship Block Training Schedule

A carpenter is perhaps the ultimate ‘hands-on’ tradesperson. There is something extremely satisfying about seeing the results of your labour, step by step, right in front of you as you tackle a building project. A modern carpenter needs a variety of skills as diverse as the tools in his/her toolbox. Carpenters read plans and blueprints, perform calculations, measure and cut materials, erect buildings from foundation to floors, walls and roof systems. They do this using both hand and power tools, following safe work practices and the National Building Codes. The carpentry trade has a long history and a bright future. Start building your career by enrolling in the 33-week Red Seal Certification program at CNA.
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