CNA, Khoi Nguyen Investment Group sign MOU

Three-year agreement focuses on research, teaching in Vietnam

4/4/2023 11:30:45 AM

STEPHENVILLE, NL – College of the North Atlantic (CNA) and Khoi Nguyen Investment (KNI) Group have entered into a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will support the establishment of an international college in Vietnam – a first for this Asian country.

The agreement was signed during the Vietnam – Canada International Education and Partnership conference held in Tra Vinh City, Vietnam in March 2023, which examined developing sustainable partnerships between Canada and Vietnam in education and vocational training.
CNA, Khoi Nguyen Investment Group recently signed an MOU, a three-year agreement that focuses on research, teaching in Vietnam that would support the establishment of an international college.

The collaboration pertains to at least nine program areas of training, including: Agriculture Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Cybersecurity, Early Childhood Education, Hospitality and Tourism, Licensed Practical Nurse, Marine Cooking, Personal Care Attendant and Textiles. CNA will assist in building the organizational structure and staffing; developing a syllabus and curriculum; advising about the necessary equipment and infrastructure related to programs; facilitating the exchange of students and faculty; and, program mapping when it comes to labour market in Canada and credentials from the Vietnam college.

Liz Kidd, CNA President & CEO, says the college is honoured to continue exploring and developing the ongoing global partnership it has with Vietnam.

“CNA has been growing its internationalization strategy for the past several years – most recently through the CNA Global brand, which focuses primarily on developing international projects and education partnerships like this one,” said Kidd. “We see the Vietnam-Canada partnership as an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas; share our extensive experience, expertise and guidance when it comes to high quality, hands-on training programs that are relevant to local industries; and, build flexibility when it comes to studying locally or internationally. To have students emerge from this international college with education credentials from CNA, that are accredited by Canadian authorities, means we are continuing to do our part to address the global labour shortage and help boost local economies.”

This MOU is providing CNA with an opportunity to expand on the previous experience it has in Vietnam, as well as its vast expertise abroad (specifically in Qatar and the 20+ years of involvement there to support the transition of the college to a degree-granting university) that are student-centred and represent shared values and vision when it comes to leading edge, technologically advanced state-of-the-art training.

CNA recognizes the importance of delivering high quality educational programs and applied research opportunities for students in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), as well as internationally. The college serves more than 400 international students across its 17 campuses in NL, and it has also ramped up its educational development outreach partnering with other institutions to bring Canadian standards, curriculum, and instructional approaches in post-secondary education to developing countries. Student and graduate success means they are prepared to enter the workforce, whether domestic or abroad.

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