Electric vehicle specialized training at CNA

Provincial government provides nearly $1 million in funding

10/20/2021 9:46:13 AM

ST. JOHN'S, NL – The growing number of electric vehicles on Newfoundland and Labrador roadways is generating demand for a new type of skilled professional for service and maintenance. Today, the Honourable Gerry Byrne, Minister of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills, was joined by the Honourable Bernard Davis, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Liz Kidd, President and CEO of College of the North Atlantic (CNA) to announce $974,003 in funding for CNA to support the development of electric vehicle specialized training for journeypersons and first responders.
College of the North Atlantic's Chevy Bolt electric vehicle.

The agreement with CNA will result in the development of training modules that have been identified as important to address the growth of electric vehicles in the province. Targeted training includes:
  • Current Automotive Service Technician Journeypersons to gain an understanding of electric vehicle maintenance;
  • Electricians to gain skills in installing and maintaining electric vehicle charging stations (residential and commercial); and
  • First responders where electric vehicles are present.
To assist in the development of the training modules, stakeholder focus groups will be established and comprised of key industry representatives such as Newfoundland Power, NL Hydro, provincial fire departments and environmental advocacy groups.
CNA President & CEO Liz Kidd speaks wirh Primary Care Paramedicine students during the  announcement that the provincial government provided nearly $1 million in funding to support electric vehicle training for groups, such as first responders. (Kicker News photo)

The groups will assist in the development of a new curriculum and the proposed training objectives which include the ability to:
  • Diagnose and provide repairs to electric vehicles as required;
  • Install and maintain residential and commercial electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Troubleshoot and repair problems with residential and commercial electric vehicles charging units;
  • Identify instances where motor vehicle accidents require specialized protocols prior to engagement;
  • Identify and follow the steps required to safely prepare and make an electric vehicle safe for first responder access; and,
  • Follow safety protocols required to engage in or support the safe extraction of accident victims from electric motor vehicle accidents.
The announcement to support electric vehicle specialized training today is essential to ensuring that supports are available to ensure the electrification of transportation industries throughout the province.
Automotive Service Technician program instructor Evan Cox  at CNA's Prince Philip Drive campus in St. John's demonstrates features of the electric car to  Immigration, Population Growth and Skills Minister Gerry Byrne and Environment and Climate Change Minister Bernard Davis.  (Kicker News photo)
This will provide vital skills development for post-secondary graduates and align with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net zero by 2050.

To further support the use of electric vehicles in Newfoundland and Labrador, Budget 2021 includes $500,000 for the Electric Vehicle Rebate Program which provides a $2,500 rebate to people to purchase a new or used battery electric vehicle. The program is administered by Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro.

“Electric vehicles represent the future of our transportation sector – here at home and internationally. This new training will ensure that the journeypersons and first responders who graduate with a Newfoundland and Labrador post-secondary education are well-equipped to seize this historic opportunity.”
Honourable Gerry Byrne
Minister of Immigration, Population Growth, and Skills

“We all have a responsibility to make our environment cleaner and healthier for everyone as we work together to address climate change. As more people consider an electric vehicle as their next purchase, they will have confidence in knowing that more journeypersons and first responders here at home have additional training to perform maintenance when help is needed." 
Honourable Bernard Davis
Minister of Environment and Climate Change

“College of the North Atlantic supports the province’s move towards green energy and technology. At the same time, we recognize the increase in numbers of electric vehicles in our province and the need for training in this field. Our goal is to enhance and provide the essential hands-on, advanced training that goes along with this significant evolution in transportation. This is the wave of the future and we welcome every opportunity to develop and deliver this innovative training.”
Liz Kidd
President/Chief Executive Officer, College of the North Atlantic
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