CNA encourages open discussion for mental health, well-being

1/29/2019 1:46:56 PM

The executive team at CNA is once again proud to be part of the Bell Let’s Talk Day initiative. They are encouraging staff and students to get also involved Wednesday, Jan. 30 and raise awareness about mental health and wellness – not only on this day, but year round. Pictured are: Libby Chaulk, Vice President Academics & Student Services; Liz Kidd, Senior Vice President / Chief Operating Officer; Bruce Hollett, President & CEO; Deidre Dunne, Human Resources Director; and Sarah Gaudon, Human Resources Consultant and Chair of the Provincial Wellness Committee.

STEPHENVILLE, NL January is a popular time of the year to adopt resolutions for healthier habits, and College of the North Atlantic’s (CNA) provincial health and wellness committee is taking great strides to help promote health and wellness province-wide.

Bell Let’s Talk Day is Wednesday, Jan. 30, and it is a perfect opportunity for the college to promote and encourage the discussion about mental health and wellness among its co-workers and students.

“At CNA we have really started to focus on employee health and wellness from a provincial perspective since early 2018,” said Deidre Dunne, CNA’s Director of Human Resources. “We are working on offering a variety of wellness programs so that we can provide the extra support our employees need to succeed at work and in their personal lives. Workplace wellness is truly important, and the leadership team at CNA is in support of this focus. Most of our employees’ time is spent at work and we want to provide support, not only on the job, but to positively affect employee health after hours as well.”

CNA’s provincial wellness committee was launched November 2018, and has since organized several initiatives intended to encourage college employees across its 17 locations to collaborate and engage in all dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational well-being).

“The Bell Let’s Talk campaign encourage our students, faculty and staff to engage in an open dialogue about mental health,” said Sarah Gaudon, CNA’s Human Resources Consultant and Chair of the Provincial Wellness Committee. “We recognize the importance of reducing stigma and promoting healthy campuses and communities. Bell Let’s Talk is a great vehicle for expanding and encouraging conversations about our mental health on campus.”

Support the cause
Bell Let’s Talk Day, a national day to raise awareness about mental health, will be showcased through various activities and information sessions on the resources offered at all CNA campuses.
“Our focus is on enriching the overall experience of our employees, while engaging them in various health and wellness initiatives across all CNA campuses. Bell Let’s Talk Day provides a relevant, vibrant platform for us to both show our support for each other in our campus community and join the national conversation,” said Lori Deeley, CNA’s Wellness Program Developer.

To join in the conversation, CNA employees and students are encouraged to engage on social media and become part of the growing discussion. On Twitter, use #BellLetsTalk, featuring the special Bell Let's Talk emoji; Facebook, use the Bell Let's Talk frame; Instagram, view and like video stories; and, on Snapchat, use the Bell Let's Talk filter and every Bell Let's Talk Day video view.

Personal stories
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About Bell Let’s Talk Day
The Bell Let's Talk mental health initiative is focused on four key action pillars: Anti-stigma, Care and Access, Research and Workplace Leadership. Since its launch in September 2010, Bell Let's Talk has partnered with more than 900 organizations providing mental health services throughout Canada, and CNA is proud to again be a part of this remarkable initiative since 2012.
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