From libraries to Learning Commons

CNA makeover targets innovative design for education

9/10/2018 3:01:09 PM

CNA’s new Learning Commons is a collaborative space designed for students to work in groups as well as individuals with access to latest technology and a fun learning atmosphere. Six campuses now feature this vibrant space, and can provide a multitude of functions for students and their program needs.

Students are able to avail of the new Learning Commons at six of CNA's campuses. Learning spaces have been revitalized to enhance student experiences.

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STEPHENVILLE, NL – For some students, spending time at the library really means an opportunity to catch a nap, but those days are over.

College of the North Atlantic (CNA) has recently renovated libraries, now known as Learning Commons, at six of its campuses, and with that, students are able to bring thoughts to reality and combine them with an innovative flavour.

Whether students want to enjoy some alone time, focus on studying or engage in group discussions, there is a space for everyone – plush seating, vibrant ambiance and the latest gadgets spread across several spaces attend to all student learning needs.

This makeover project has reinvented library spaces at campuses in Bay St. George (two spaces), Clarenville, Corner Brook, Prince Philip Drive and Ridge Road in St. John’s, and Seal Cove. The aim was to create an environment that fosters group learning and collaboration for students to succeed as individuals as well as in teams.

Some of the many dynamic additions are cozy couches and high chairs standing against tables of varied styles, bright-coloured walls paired alongside several technology-driven stations, all providing a fun and relaxing learning atmosphere.

Elizabeth (Libby) Chaulk, CNA’s Vice President Academics & Student Services, said, “I am really excited about our newly renovated Learning Commons as an innovative way to help serve, and support learning for our students. It is a vibrant space equipped with the latest technology, which will help to create a social space to promote interaction and team building.”

Visitors to the Learning Commons will find huddle stations that are casual and inclined to suit group discussions. This space is equipped with a writing board and large screen computer, comfortable for two or more people, and perfect for casual or team project meetings.

Since most everything today’s student does is via smartphones and tablets, mobile charging stations are perhaps the most adored additions. These stations offers access to a portable power bank, loaned for one hour to charge your phone, tablet, or MP3 player.

Laptop bars have been designed for students who spend time surfing for information or conducting online research. Along with privacy, this space offers styled comfort with tall chairs and conveniently placed charging outlets. Students can also sign out CNA laptops for a period of seven days.

For that extra bit of motivation for students to work in groups, smartboard-equipped study rooms can accommodate large, as well as small, groups providing added privacy to discuss and share ideas within closed rooms.

And for the students who go to the Learning Commons for a bit of quiet time and privacy, individual cubicle spaces are available, while being surrounded by a vibrant, relaxing atmosphere.

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