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Below you will find some media and resources to help with your transition.

These other campus documents are also available on our campus page at www.cna.nl.ca/lw
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Rueben Amiama                                            

221 Bartlett Dr.
Ken Manstan                                                 

420, 430, 440 Avalon Dr.                                                                                         
Fully furnished, H&L incl.
1001 Bartlett Dr. 
(some partly furnished)

Ardina Cardwell                                                           

208 Humber Ave. (50 units)
Fully furnished, H&L incl.

Northern Properties                                                 

Shilo Hodder                                                                 
Embassy building, 600 Dineen, 6 Elm, 60 Circular Rd.
H&H (Jessie)                                                                  

1-3 Bowater (Wabush)
H&L incl.

Sebastian Kingsbury                                                 
500 Dineen

Keith Pynn                                                                   

223, 225 Bartlett Dr.
Fully furnished, H&L incl.

Miller &Hearn                                                              

400 Avalon Dr.                                                        

Spencer Robinson                                                       

8 & 10 Elm, 5 Maple, 410 Avalon

Roger Windsor (Sutton Realty)                               

1057-1079 Bartlett Dr.
utilities incl.

Subash Ramkaran                                                       

83 Bowater (Wabush) 

Savita Ramkaran                                                     

1085 Bartlett Dr. 

Tammy Elliott (Century 21)                           

Corey Elliott (Room & Board)                       

609 Tamarack Dr.  
utilities incl.

Lottie Baggs (Room & Board)                       

$60 a night, meals & laundry incl.

Ed & Pam Neary                                            

300 Avalon Dr. 


About Labrador West Campus

Labrador West campus of College of the North Atlantic is located in western Labrador, an area that includes the communities of Labrador City, Wabush and Churchill Falls. Western Labrador, which has a population of approximately 9,600 residents, is rich in iron ore and surrounded by pristine wilderness.

The Labrador West campus is a new purpose-built facility that opened in September 2011. The campus enrols about 100 regular students per semester and offers an assortment of academic, trades and business programs, as well as advanced apprenticeship training for various trades. In addition to its regular program offerings, the Labrador West campus delivers customized Contract Training and Continuing Education courses for upwards of 500 participants per year.

If you want to learn more about the Labrador West campus, please contact us at the address or numbers below, or visit our Facebook page and leave a message. We would love to hear from you.

Helpful links and other information:

Find us at:

College of the North Atlantic
1600 Nichols-Adam Highway
Labrador City,NL
A2V 0B8
Tel: 709-944-5787

Words from your Host

On behalf of the entire Labrador West campus of the College of the North Atlantic, I extend a heartfelt "welcome" to each new student and a warm "welcome back" to those returning. As we embark on this incredible journey together, please be assured that your campus community is here to support you. During orientation you will learn more about the people and services available to you. This information can be helpful to both new and returning students. There is a great deal to take in and if you ever have any questions, just ask!

Ultimately, this is your journey and the only limits are those you place on yourself. We wish each of you a challenging and rewarding year.

Your host