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加拿大北大西洋学院的前身最早为1963年遍布全省的各“区职业学校”(DVS: District Vocational Schools)。这些职业学校在随后三十多年的发展中与其它几所新建的成人学习中心以及社区学院合并为五个学院。1997年,这五个历史悠久的学院联合成立了现在的北大西洋学院。


College of the North-Atlantic is originated from the “District Vocational Schools” (DVS), which were established around the province in 1963. In the following 30 years, DVS, the Adult Grading Center, and a few other community colleges were merged into five different colleges. In 1997, these five colleges jointly formed College of the North Atlantic.

The CNA-China Project is a joint venture between Chinese Institutions and CNA, and was launched in 1999. So far, CNA has established partner relationships with a number of Chinese universities and colleges. Our partnership with Chinese institutions enables College of the North Atlantic to expand its geographic interaction to Asia and provide a formal platform for the students to start with a diploma and then transfer to undergraduate and graduate programs in North American universities. It also provides international working opportunities and working experiences for people involved such as administrators and faculty as well as promotes the educational and cultural exchange between Canada and China.

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