Transfer Guides

The Transfer guide is published annually by the Department of Education. It provides a list of course/block transfers available to students who are transferring credits from one institution to another within the public post-secondary system.

For more information visit the Department of Education

This Guide is designed as a tool to be used in conjunction with other post-secondary education and training guidance resources that are available at each of the specific colleges making up the Consortium. The document lists programs available at Colleges and corresponding institutions that agree to recognize those programs for block transfer towards a new educational credential. Registrars, guidance counselors, high school teachers, college faculty, and most importantly students and graduates of secondary and post-secondary institutions will find the Guide to be a good reference source to inform and assist in matters relating to the transfer of credit from Atlantic Community Colleges to other institutions of higher learning. However, it is important to consult directly with the institutions to ensure current status of agreements as they are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.