Internet Services

College of the North Atlantic (CNA) provides both wired and wireless internet access to all students.

Wireless internet access is offered as a convenience to anyone at the campus. Individuals utilizing this service cannot rely upon any existing or implied service level agreement. Users of the CNA wireless network agree to abide by and conform to the following:
  1. Users of the CNA wireless network must respect the privacy and personal rights of all other wireless network users.
  2. Users of the CNA wireless network are responsible for using software and electronic materials in accordance with all applicable copyright laws, licensing and intellectual property restrictions.
  3. Due to the open and decentralized design of the Internet and networked computer systems in general, CNA cannot protect users of the CNA wireless network against the receipt of material that may be offensive to them.
  4. Users of the CNA wireless network who choose to make information public on the Internet should know that CNA cannot protect them from invasions of privacy.
  5. CNA reserves the right to terminate, without notice, the access privileges of user(s) of the CNA wireless network who engage in any inappropriate activity or violation of law.
  6. All activity on the CNA wireless network will be monitored and is subject to inspection by CNA staff and/or law enforcement representatives.

All users are required to accept a user agreement on their device first before they can use wireless internet services at a CNA campus.
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