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Health and DentalCollege of the North Atlantic is pleased to offer full-time students with a health and dental insurance plan. This plan is mandatory for full-time students enrolled in a college program for 15 weeks or more in the academic year. With this plan, students will have access to drug, extended medical and dental insurance coverage. Qualified students are automatically charged for this coverage. If you do not want this insurance, it is your responsibility as a student to decline the coverage through the Student Self Service portal (see link and Opt Out instructions below)

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Changing plan options or Opting out of the plan

The college offers a Health and Dental plan that is compulsory for full time students enrolled in a program of fifteen (15) weeks or longer. All students “must” indicate their intention for the Health and Dental plan (eg: opting out or enrollment in single or family coverage).  Your Health and Dental options must be completed online via self-service as soon as possible to ensure the proper fees are calculated on your student financial account. 

To opt out or make changes to plan coverage:

Please log into Student Self Service and use the following navigation to make the necessary selections to your health and dental coverage: Self Service > Health Dental  Plan Options.    Note: If you want to opt out, you will need to provide existing proof of coverage (ie: policy number, insurance provider and plan member/Policy holder) when completing the online opt out request.  

Failure to update your health and dental options during the health and dental enrollment period will result in an automatic enrollment in single health and single dental and the applicable fees will be assessed to your student financial account.  


International Students

The Medical Care Plan (MCP) program applies to any international learner issued an official study permit by Citizenship and Immigration Canada before entering the country. The individual must be attending a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Newfoundland and Labrador (including College of the North Atlantic) for a period of at least 12 months. Dependents of the learner will also be covered under MCP, provided they are living in the province and have relevant documentation to support their application.

Coverage will become effective for eligible learners and dependents on the date of registration. Eligible learners must present a registration letter from the college and an MCP application form to be considered for the program. Coverage is renewable on a yearly basis, with a current enrollment letter, and will terminate upon completion of the study program or the end date of study permit, whichever is earlier. Learners must be attending school and residing in the province in order to avail of coverage. Work terms outside the province are not covered.

Please note that only services listed under the Medical Care Insured Services Regulations and the Hospital Insurance Plan Regulations will be accessible for international learners.

For the MCP application form and more information regarding the services offered under the plan, please visit the Newfoundland and Labrador government website at:

If you have any inquiries regarding the student health and dental plan please contact:

Student Health and Dental Plan Advisor
Mary Ellen Alexander
PH: 709-643-7927
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