CNA website draws interest in Qatar, recognized with awards

8/11/2011 3:18:56 PM

College of the North Atlantic (CNA) has again been recognized by the international APEX Awards for Publication Excellence with two awards for 2011.

The first – One and Two Person-Produced Web & Intranet Sites – recognizes the work of Sterling Tulk, webmaster for CNA, and Tanya Alexander, public relations specialist with the college’s Qatar Project Office (QPO). They worked together to revamp the several pages on CNA’s website dedicated to the QPO and its efforts to inform the public about the college’s campus in the Middle East State of Qatar, and to aid in recruitment of employees for the campus.

“We set out to make the pages more enticing and interactive, while giving people an authentic feel for the exciting experience of living and working in the exotic locale,” says Alexander.

Tulk says he had a great deal of interesting material to work with.

“You’ll find news stories and features on employees and student exchange programs, leadership job postings, health care and travel tips and more,” says Tulk, “and lots of photos including a gallery of fascinating images from employees’ travel throughout the world.”

Their efforts have yielded outstanding results, with the number of views going from near zero in October 2010 before the revisions, to several hundred hits in December while the design was being finalized, and totaling nearly 40,000 to date.

The second award received by the QPO – Feature Series Writing – is for a series of feature stories on the newly established student exchange programs between CNA and CNA-Q, written by Tanya Alexander. The series was published in Oil and Gas Magazine , on the new QPO web pages, and in CNA’s employee magazine, Currents.