Enactus World Cup leaves lasting impression on CNA students

10/20/2017 9:41:01 AM

Enactus Clarenville, along with CNA teams from Grand Falls-Windsor and Prince Philip Drive campuses, thoroughly enjoyed their experience as observers at the Enactus World Cup in London, England in late September. Pictured are: (back) Jordan Cotter, Cyndi Hickey, Hilary Walters, and faculty advisor Deidra Strowbridge; (front) Zoe Costello and Melanie Frampton.

Enactus Grand Falls-Windsor, comprised of students Nikita Roberts and Stephanie Janes and campus director Joan Pynn, were part of the Team Canada contingent at the Enactus World Cup in London, England to observe and support the national champions, Enactus Memorial.

STEPHENVILLE, NL – College of the North Atlantic (CNA) students are still recovering from the trip that they describe as an “amazing experience.”
From Sept. 26-28, the group from CNA’s School of Business & Information Technology joined students from 15 schools as part of Team Canada, and more than 3,000 people globally, in London, England for the Enactus World Cup competition.
Enactus’ focus is to delve into entrepreneurial ideas to improve community development economically, environmentally and socially. CNA’s teams from Prince Philip Drive, Clarenville and Grand Falls-Windsor campuses were there as observers to support national champion – Enactus Memorial, which placed second overall, and their supporters couldn’t be prouder.
Being in a setting among 3,000-plus people collaborating, cheering, supporting and coaching each other is exactly what Stephanie Janes, Kassandra Sharron and Zoe Costello found remarkable about the whole experience. It was their first time in the United Kingdom, and each can’t wait to return someday.
The students all say they took away several outcomes from Enactus that they can use in their everyday lives and apply to their future careers, whatever they may be.
“To me, Enactus is exactly what community development is all about,” said Janes, a second-year Community Studies student at Grand Falls-Windsor campus. “Events like Enactus empower people to be entrepreneurs, and look at solutions to their own problems through other means and to not just throw money at it. It also wasn’t just about business. It is about political science, economics, and community development. There were so many students from many different programs, it showed that everyone has a role to play in community development, and the more fields involved, the more effective you can be.”
There were several highpoints for her throughout the sessions, such as the cultural fair where students were able to visit booths that displayed the different cultures and foods of the countries being represented. However, she said the best was watching the final four teams compete and the thousands of people in attendance on their feet, clapping and cheering for everyone.
Sharron is a third-year Business Management – Marketing student who was part of the Enactus Prince Philip Drive team. She says it was amazing to know that so many countries in the world were being represented, and while she and her teammates were there to support Enactus Memorial, the fact they were able to participate in many of the sessions and network with people from all over the world was rewarding.
“We learned that we can’t be afraid of new ideas and saying what they are, even if they are extreme. The team is there to support everyone and bring it down to something that is workable. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you learn that you might have to work with these individuals later on in life, and it’s important to make these connections and keep in contact.”
She also recommends that if the opportunity presents itself, that more students should join Enactus, where even your opponents can be amongst your biggest supporters.
Costello is in her second year of Business Administration – Human Resources at Clarenville campus, and was struck by the sense of patriotism while at the Enactus World Cup. She was equally as impressed with the presentation made by the Memorial University squad.
“To see them speak about their project and kick butt with the answers they gave during the question period was amazing. They really knew their stuff, and it shows how presentation skills are key for anyone in business. It also requires team work and dedication, and all of these are needed in the real world. Enactus makes us strive to do more, and take what we learned from so many countries and see what is of the best benefit in our own communities.”
Other team members who attended the Enactus World Cup were: Enactus Grand Falls-Windsor – Nikita Roberts and campus administrator Joan Pynn; Enactus PPD – Melissa Blanchard, Deane Cress, Tracey Carberry, Kyna O’Neill and faculty advisor Dwight Hutchens; as well as, Enactus Clarenville – Jordan Cotter, Cyndi Hickey, Hilary Walters, Melanie Frampton, and faculty advisor Deidra Strowbridge.
Next year’s World Cup will be held in Silicon Valley, California. More information on Enactus can be found at: http://enactus.org
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