Careers in Qatar

It is with great pride that we embrace our second decade as the premier institute of applied learning in the Middle East, helping the State of Qatar to make educational history and create a thriving and well-balanced future for its people.

Along with our role in campus operations, we assist in selecting dedicated and energetic staff for College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q).

Internationally recognized as a comprehensive technical college, CNA-Q is committed to quality, student-centered education. This commitment is reflected through state-of-the-art facilities, accessible and responsive technology programs and strong partnerships with industry.

The campus, located in Qatar’s capital city of Doha, is owned by the State but as part of the Comprehensive Agreement with CNA, operates as CNA-Qatar. Only CNA programs or CNA-approved programs are offered, all with CNA-hired instructors and staff. With more than 650 staff and 4,500 full and part-time students, CNA-Q is one of Qatar's largest post-secondary institutions. By providing training in a range of technical areas including Engineering Technology, Health Sciences, Industrial Trades, Business Studies and Information Technology, CNA-Q brings the State closer to the goals of their Qatar National Vision 2030. In 2013, we celebrated a Decade of Excellence of CNA's presence in Qatar and we look forward to a long relationship well into the future.

To see all current job postings for CNA-Q, visit the CNA Qatar recruitment web site.

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pointer Wendy Brendzy, EFL Instructor (British Columbia)
Wendy Brendzy
The Brendzys are loving their busy and fulfilling lives in Doha

“I love my work here at CNA-Q! People are friendly and there are plenty of activities on campus (tennis, swimming, yoga, cultural activities) and off campus (festivals, music, art, camping, world-class sports) as well as opportunities to travel to so many amazing places. There is a great social element to being here and we’ve found it a wonderful place for families. We had our child here and he is thriving. There are so many things for him to do in the complex – there are parks, playgrounds, a library and he gets to play with the other kids. Life here has been very good to us!”

pointer Wilf Riego, Physics/Math Instructor (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Wilf Riego
Wilf Riego is exploring the world’s oceans with his new-found passion – diving

“Teaching at CNA-Q is a dream job with so many external opportunities. I have been here since 2003 and I am still loving it. And Doha really is as they say – a Gateway to the World. My family and I have stopped in Europe (Germany, England, Prague, Spain, Italy and Belgium) for holidays on the way home each summer. And during Christmas we would travel to warm places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. I learned to scuba dive in Thailand recently and have been exploring the world’s coral reefs and other wonders. If I were to describe my life in Qatar in a few words they would be: adventure, excitement, knowledge, diversity, challenge and… wow!”

pointer Luay Hussein, Mechanical Engineering Instructor (Ontario)
Luay Hussein
Luay Hussein’s daughters love to ride around the living community on bike

“My wife and I arrived in July 2007. The plan was to stay for two years, but we found an ideal work/life balance. With its vibrant, fast-paced operations, the financial incentive, and the time off, CNA-Q is a great place to work and grow. The country is super safe and is very family-oriented. Both my daughters were born here and they love it! There is a lot to be said about the food, the art, the architecture, the history and the future of the country. A bonus for working in Qatar at CNA-Q is how you experience the seasons: the winters here are amazing, and then the summers in Canada are exquisite.”

pointer Leigh McGlone, Senior Graphics Designer (Nova Scotia)
Leigh McGlone
Leigh McGlone enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of her labour at the Community Garden on campus

“What I love about living in Doha is the sense of family in the friends I have made here. I have learned about so many different cultures, discovered great new foods, and there is always something to do -- attending a concert by Qatar philharmonic, camping in the desert, jet skiing on the Corniche or kayaking in the mangroves. That, or just playing around in the college's community garden and sharing the fresh vegetables that literally grew from the sand.”

pointer Jeff Penney, instructor (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Jeff Penney
Jeff Penney with daughter Nicole, student counsellor at CNA-Q

“I absolutely recommend it – CNA-Q is an excellent place to work and Doha is an amazing place to live! I am a sports fanatic and here they have some of the top professional sporting events in the world – tennis, golf, soccer, and more. They have everything you need here… I couldn’t want for anything else.”

pointer Irene O’Brien, Dean of Health Sciences (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Irene OBrien
Irene O'Brien at the annual CNA-Q Skills Competition

“My Arabic students love to hear stories about life in Canada, especially when similarities are easily identified and parallels are quickly drawn. For instance, we each live by the ocean and share a deep, visceral connection to the sea. Family is everything and education is highly regarded.”

pointer Jennifer Feenstra, instructor (Nova Scotia)
Jennifer Feenstra
Jennifer Feenstra enjoying a warm breeze on campus between classes

“I’ve sure had some great moments in the classroom; nothing in the interview could have prepared me for teaching ESL to Arabic students. They are fun people! If you’re flexible and if you like having your assumptions challenged, this is a place for you.”

pointer Jagard Strong, Canadian exchange student (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Jagard Strong
Jagard Strong, Canadian exchange student, trying a camel ride in the desert

“The detail to the environment on campus is incredible – the layout, architecture, cleanliness. There are many resources available to students, and each program area has its own building. Canadian staff show the hospitality that Canadians are known for to every student and staff member. And on our first drive about I began to notice the beauty of the city. It was amazing to see the detail and effort that the country had put into its environment.”

pointer Michael Arbow, Banking and Finance instructor (New Brunswick)
Michael Arbow
Michael Arbow at the Great Wall of China

“Yes, there are challenges to moving and teaching in Qatar but the rewards are seemingly endless. First there are the students, a great group of very positive young people growing up in a nation with an extremely optimistic future. Second there is Qatar itself, a wondrous country moving quickly into the 21st century but at the same time retaining its past. Third, there is the city of Doha, a vibrant city with opportunities to catch world-level sports and festivals, enjoy year round sun and get involved in innumerable social activities. Finally there is the travel: a world class airport with inexpensive flights has allowed us to visit more countries since our arrival than many may visit in a lifetime."