Academic Supports

Fall orientation usually occurs within the first couple of weeks at the College. It is an important time as it marks the beginning of your studies at the College of the North Atlantic, where you will have opportunities to meet your classmates and build new relationships that will last a lifetime. There will be a number of events and activities that will help you transition into CNA that will introduce you to college support services, faculty and staff, community supports and services, and health and wellness services. In addition, there may be opportunities for recreational activities and events, as well as, events that promote social development with peers. This gives students an opportunity to get acquainted with the facilities, with their instructors, and with each other.

The theme for 2019 Fall Orientation is “Your Future Starts Here”

Orientation activities vary from year to year and from campus to campus. It is during this period that valuable information for incoming and returning students is exchanged. The College offers a variety of activities designed to assist students with settling in, getting to know each other and having some fun. To help make this time fun and memorable, make sure to follow and post your memories on social media with the hashtag #yourfuturestartshere

Make the most of the orientation activities – get involved!