Academic Support

College of the North Atlantic's award-winning Distributed Learning (DL) brings the classroom to you! Complete college courses and full programs without having to attend a college campus. Our award-winning instructors guide you through our standardized curriculum, which carries the same credentials and academic standards as their classroom equivalents.
DL is technology-mediated – it’s your digital classroom! Information is exchanged between the instructor and the student primarily through the use of email, videoconferencing and the discussion areas within the online learning management system. Audio, video, web conferencing and virtual classroom tools are also used in some courses. This flexible approach allows you to balance the demands of work and family while reaching your learning goals.
During the academic year, our Help Desk provides support seven days a week for extended hours. We supply online chat and toll-free telephone services to ensure that you are supported throughout the duration of your course or program.
For more information on Distributed Learning program/course offerings and our services, please visit our website at If you still have questions, we invite you to contact us by calling toll free at 1–877–465–2250 or emailing or
On-campus program students must contact the Admissions Officer at your local campus to register for a Distributed Learning course.