Campus-based Student Representatives Councils aim to address the issues of the students locally, provincially, and nationally. In September of each year, an election is held at which time the student body elects its representatives for the Student Representative Council. The Student Representative Council may be involved in the organization and delivery of various extra-curricular activities on behalf of the student body such as:

  • Winter Carnival
  • Recreational/Athletic Activities
  • Dances
  • Student Newspaper
  • Yearbook
  • Christmas Raffle

Students are encouraged to become involved with their Student Representative Council and have a voice in the events that influence their educational experience.


The purpose of the CNASU is:

  • To provide a forum in which the post-secondary students of College of the North Atlantic can work cooperatively in advancing the interests of the students who they represent.
  • To promote a better understanding of the needs and issues confronting the students of College of the North Atlantic.
  • To represent, promote and advocate the common interests of the students of College of the North Atlantic.
  • To promote social responsibility between and amongst College of the North Atlantic local councils and the College as a whole.

If you are interested in the Student Representative Council or the College of the North Atlantic Student Union, please contact a Student Development Officer or Counsellor at your campus

Guidance Counsellors

Student Development Officers