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How to Apply

College of the North Atlantic prioritizes merit-based hiring, emphasizing best demonstration of education, experience, and skills in a competitive recruitment and selection process. The College’s Staffing & Recruitment Division is responsible for leading this process, among other recruitment services and alternative staffing methods, promoting fairness, equity, and transparency throughout.


Create User Profile/Sign In

Before applying online, you must create a New User Profile and sign in through the online application portal.


Explore and Review Job Openings

Browse through the list of available positions and select those that most closely align with your skills, experience, and career aspirations. Take time to carefully review and learn more about the requirements and expectations for the role to ensure it’s a good fit!


Prepare Resumé and Apply Online

Update and tailor your resumé to the position you are interested in, highlighting your relevant education, experience, and skills. This is your opportunity to showcase how your background aligns with the position and the mandatory screening criteria required for the role - detailed resumés facilitate a more comprehensive assessment!

When ready, upload your resumé and submit an online application on or before the advertised closing date. Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email from us acknowledging receipt of your application. If there are issues applying, please contact HRIS@cna.nl.ca for assistance. You need to apply individually for each vacancy that interests you.



The Selection Board will review your application against the mandatory screening criteria advertised in the job posting, as well as in comparison to other applications received. Generally, you can anticipate hearing from the Selection Board Chair regarding the status of your application within 2-4 weeks after the job posting closes. All applicants will be notified of their status in the competition once screening is finalized.



Assessments are conducted by a Selection Board and typically consist of a traditional question-and-answer interview, lasting between 40 and 75 minutes. However, alternative assessment methods might also be used to evaluate your merits, including presentations, written components, or role play exercises, among others. If such alternative methods are to be utilized, you will receive prior notice detailing what to expect.


Offer of Employment

A selection is typically made within 2 weeks following the assessment. The Selection Board Chair will contact the selected candidate(s) to request reference information. Subject to the receipt of satisfactory references, a conditional offer of employment may be extended. This offer is contingent upon verifying the remaining employment conditions as outlined in the job posting. All candidates will be notified of the results and are encouraged to request feedback on their application and/or assessment.


Onboarding Process

Once you've accepted the offer, our Human Resources team will guide you through the onboarding process, including completing necessary paperwork, attending orientation sessions, and getting acquainted with your new role and colleagues.

Good luck with your application and we hope to be able to welcome you to College of the North Atlantic soon!

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

If you’re eager to jumpstart your career as a new graduate or simply looking for a change and are open to short-term employment opportunities, please forward your resumé to the Manager of Staffing & Recruitment for consideration. Occasionally, urgent hires may be made for short-term positions where a competitive process wouldn’t be practical, as to not negatively impact program delivery or student services.

If you are in search of student employment opportunities, including summer employment or co-op/work-term placements, please contact Student Services.

For more in-depth information regarding the competitive process, please refer to this document.

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How to Apply - FAQ

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How do I apply for a position at College of the North Atlantic? Can I send my resumé to someone directly?
  • As part of CNA’s merit-based recruitment model, most vacant positions are advertised online via www.cna.nl.ca/careers. Candidates are required to create a user profile and submit applications for specific postings they wish to be considered for. Should candidates experience any technical issues, please reach out to HRIS@cna.nl.ca for assistance.
  • We also welcome unsolicited resumés for short-term positions. Such positions may not be currently advertised due to the urgent need to meet operational requirements and the time constraints associated with completing a competitive process. Individuals willing and able to undertake short-term employment opportunities are encouraged to submit their resumé directly to the Manager of Staffing and Recruitment.
I missed the closing date on a job posting – will you accept a late application?

At the discretion of the Selection Board, late applicants providing a reasonable explanation and submitting within an acceptable timeframe may be considered if the competition file has not undergone screening.

What is the typical timeline for a job competition once a position is advertised?

The duration of a typical competition process can span six weeks or longer before extending a job offer. Factors such as competing demands, availability of Selection Board representatives, and other external factors often dictate time-to-fill.

The position is only temporary, will it be extended or become permanent?

Temporary employment often extends beyond the initial term. Employees gain internal eligibility status, allowing them to apply for internal job competitions in the public service. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply for temporary positions, as they frequently have fewer candidates, offering a chance to secure a desired role in their area of interest. Temporary positions can lead to permanent opportunities, with many public service employees starting as temporary workers and advancing to long, successful careers.

I have a criminal record – will this prevent me from being hired?

CNA is committed to providing a safe educational environment for all students, staff, and visitors. All new hires to the College are required to submit a Certificate of Conduct during the job offer process. Having a criminal record will not automatically disqualify a candidate from being considered. A thorough review will be completed based on the information obtained through the record check to determine whether the individual is suitable for employment.

I lack prior teaching experience and feel hesitant to apply for an instructional position – should I still submit my resumé?

Certainly! For most instructional positions we prioritize industry experience and subject matter expertise. Having a teaching background is advantageous, but not mandatory. We are committed to providing the required support and guidance to help new hires reach their potential as an instructor, including enrolment in CNA’s new Adult Learning and Teaching Innovation program. Rest assured, very few faculty hires come with prior teaching experience, so don’t let that deter you from applying.

How are candidates chosen for an interview?

Applications are evaluated objectively to determine who meets the mandatory minimum screening criteria and to determine who will be invited to participate in the next stage of the recruitment process. Screening criteria includes the mandatory minimum education, training, and experience requirements, or equivalent, for the position specified in the job posting. The onus is on the candidate to clearly and effectively demonstrate how they meet the position’s requirements or equivalencies, as failure to do so will result in being screened out.

I lack the assets listed in the job posting – should I still submit an application?

Assets are viewed as ‘nice to haves’ but not mandatory. They are taken into consideration during additional screening activities if there is a large pool of candidates meeting the mandatory minimum screening criteria.

My resumé meets the mandatory screening criteria – why was I screened out?

Apart from a lack of clear demonstration, candidates may be screened out for other reasons:

  • Qualifications may not have matched the position’s requirements to the same extent as other candidates.
  • Assets may have been considered to facilitate a more manageable number of candidate assessments.
  • Internal or public eligibility may not have been clearly highlighted in the application.
I thought I performed well in my assessment – why wasn’t I offered the position?

Candidates must clearly and effectively demonstrate how they meet the required assessment criteria during the interview. Assessment criteria includes the knowledge, proficiencies, skills, abilities, and personal suitability competencies specified in the job posting. Performance is evaluated relative to these requirements, and in comparison, to other candidates on a holistic basis. While a candidate may have performed well by their own standards, another candidate may have demonstrated the requirements of the position to a greater degree.

In addition, the Associate Vice President of Human Resources may select either of the recommended candidates at their discretion. Collective agreement language governing the vacant position can also influence selection.

Is relocation assistance available?

Candidates may be eligible for relocation assistance, subject to approval, if the advertised position meets eligibility criteria. Discussions about relocation assistance should be initiated with the Selection Board Chair during the competition process, specifically when the offer of employment is made.

Can I receive feedback on my application or assessment? What if I have concerns about the decision-making process?

Selection Board Chairs are accountable for all aspects of, and decisions made, throughout the competitive process. Participants in the competition are encouraged to seek additional information from the Selection Board Chair. If a candidate feels dissatisfied with the process, they are encouraged to discuss those concerns with the Chair. If the Chair is unable to resolve a candidate’s concerns to their satisfaction, their issue may be escalated through a request for appeal process.

The position was advertised for a specific location, but can I work from any campus? What about remotely?

CNA recognizes the importance of and is committed to offering flexible work arrangements to its employees. The successful applicant may qualify for a telework arrangement within the province, subject to eligibility criteria. Where appropriate, consideration may be given to a primarily remote, hybrid, or ad-hoc arrangement. However, as a place-based organization, candidates are expected to report to the specified work location identified in this job posting, as all positions will involve some degree of on-site work, unless otherwise indicated. For instance, there are certain instructional positions that are strictly online, and other times, there may be flexibility in terms of campus location where a candidate may be based out of, but these situations will be explicitly stated in the job posting.

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