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College of the North Atlantic is committed to enabling employees to grow from individual, professional and organizational learning.

Get the most out of your professional experience. Providing access to the resources you need in a dynamic learning environment that encourages and supports continuous improvement and development, enabling you to grow both individually and professionally, and enhancing skills through a range of learning initiatives.

In addition to a wide array of internal continuous learning activities, eligible employees may be reimbursed for enrolment in credit and non-credit based courses offered by the college. University courses may also be eligible for financial assistance if the course/program leads toward a credential that aligns with the college’s strategic direction.

To learn more, please refer to your respective collective agreement, the FAQ below, or the Continuous Learning policy.

Individual Learning

Embracing learning activities which enhances individual personal growth and provides benefit to individual professional and personal goals.

Professional Learning

Planned formal or informal activities that enhance short and/or long-term proficiency and professional excellence.

Organizational Learning

Strategic process of cross functional learning as required, to invest in growth and excellence of both employees and the College.

Post-Secondary Instructor Certification

With a commitment to enhancing program delivery and the student learning experience, instructors are expected to enrol in courses leading to Post-Secondary Instructor Certification upon hire to help transition from industry to the classroom. Through the completion of a series of prescribed courses, either through Memorial University, Vancouver Community College, or CNA’s new Adult Learning and Teaching Innovation program, certification is obtained through the provincial government’s Department of Education. Upon earning certification, instructors may be eligible for a salary increase in recognition of completing this requirement.

To learn more about Post-Secondary Instructor Certification, please refer to the Faculty Collective Agreement or visit the Department of Education .

LinkedIn Learning

College of the North Atlantic employees are subscribed to e-learning resources available through LinkedIn Learning , where they have access to a vast library of expert-led courses, covering a range of topics from business and technology to creative skills. Whether employees are looking to advance in their current role or explore a new career path, LinkedIn Learning provides personalized, on-demand learning experiences that empower employees to grow and develop their skillset to stay ahead in their industry.

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Continuous Learning - FAQ

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What is Continuous Learning?

Continuous learning is defined as a learning activity which enables employees to grow both individually and professionally.

Who is eligible for CL at CNA?
  • Employee-initiated: Permanent employees are eligible for internal and external learning and professional development activities; temporary employees are eligible for internal activities only.
  • Employer-initiated: Both permanent and temporary employees are eligible for internal and external learning and professional development activities.
Do I really need a CL Plan?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the employee and their supervisor to ensure the CL Plan aligns with the campus, department/division and/or college’s strategic goals.

What is the difference between an Employee and Employer‐initiated CL Request?
  • Employee ‐ Any continuous learning request which may or may not be directly related to your current work duties.
  • Employer ‐ Any continuous learning request that supports the short/long‐term proficiency and professional excellence of the employee and the strategic goals of the College.
What kind of activities constitute as continuous learning?

CNA courses, college/university courses, OHS related training (first aid, CPR and WHMIS), conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars.

I still need to submit a CL request if the activity is free?

Yes, a CL Request should be submitted for record keeping purposes.

What factors go into approving a CL request?

Ensuring alignment with CL plan, departmental goals and the colleges strategic plan while adhering to CNA policy.

Who do I contact if I have questions on the CL process or want to submit a CL request?

Questions can be sent to continuouslearning@cna.nl.ca or you can peruse our CL SharePoint Site ‐ Continuous Learning (cna.nl.ca) for further information.

What happens if my department has no budget?

If a department doesn't have a CL budget, funding can be requested from the HR CL budget.

Can I apply for more than one course in a semester?

Based on the guidelines, an employee can complete one course per semester up to a max of 3 courses per academic year.

Can a CL Request be cancelled once approved?

An employee can request to withdraw their application and/or approved funding by writing to the Office of Continuous Learning (continuouslearning@cna.nl.ca).

What type of expenses can be claimed under a CL Request?

Any cost directly linked to the CL Request while adhering to College Travel Policy (eg. Fees ‐ activity/tuition, material, licence, assessment, association, and registration; travel costs ‐ transportation, accommodations, meals/incidentals).

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