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Our Values

CNA’s Core Values guide how it operates every day and are closely connected to its strategic directions.

By living up to its values, CNA will provide the underlying foundation required to achieve its shared vision for the future.

Each person is committed to do their best and support a culture of excellence.

Each person is committed to acting with impartiality or free from bias.

Each person follows through on his or her responsibilities.

Each person values the inclusion of all individuals regardless of their differences.

Each person carries out their responsibilities with honesty and integrity.

Each person values individual dignity and communicates in a manner that shows consideration for all.

Each person communicates in an open and truthful manner and is forthcoming in all information except where prohibited by legislation.

Be Yourself

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

At College of the North Atlantic (CNA) we encourage all aspects of human difference, recognizing that through diversity, we grow stronger. We recognize that individuals from varied backgrounds bring different views, ideas, talents and skills to the table. This is how innovation occurs, this is how we improve as an employer, and this is how we open doors for our students.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) promotes exposure to languages, cultures and perspectives that help us deliver a full educational experience to our learners. This provides advantages to graduates, as they enter a workforce that is seeking individuals with a range of skills, experiences and ideas that can contribute to an organization’s success.

EDI practice does not happen overnight, it is embedded in organizational culture and is seen as a core value, a source of innovation and a means to growth and success. This speaks directly to our college values of excellence, diversity, integrity, respect and transparency.

At CNA everyone has a voice. By using that voice to engage in respectful words and actions, we empower ourselves and others. Together, we can achieve excellence and build a culture of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for all.

  • Equity
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Powerful Performance

We are Champions for Change

At CNA we are committed to promoting inclusion and creating safe spaces for students and employees. We want inclusion for all, not just specific cohorts or demographic groups. We aim to create events and initiatives that are open to all and encourage opportunities for listening and communication.

Research has shown that diversity-inclusive or culturally competent behaviours improve client service and employee interactions. Research has also shown that better perceptions of EDI among employees are linked to better organizational performance measures, including higher engagement among employees and lower rates of absenteeism. It is a strength and a core competency in the global marketplace. Most importantly, inclusion is not only a moral imperative, it is a basic human right.

Post-secondary institutions have critical roles to play in providing the education and training needed for the economy to expand, and in promoting student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness. We do this by fostering educational excellence while ensuring equal access, and by creating diverse and welcoming campus communities for all students.

In keeping with this, CNA has formed an advisory committee, which is actively working on EDI within the college. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee is a group of volunteers from various levels and departments at CNA, helping to lead a new EDI strategy with a mission of supporting CNA in creating an organizational culture that welcomes and empowers diverse perspectives, celebrates the uniqueness of the individual, and fosters a sustainable shared commitment for the advancement of EDI in our college community.

We have also formed associated working groups that are helping to build an inclusive culture and safe spaces. They assist with planning events and rolling out initiatives, contribute to the sharing of knowledge and understanding in the workplace and champion CNA's evolution as an equitable, diverse and inclusive institution.

Employee Well-Being

Recognizing that our employees are the driving force behind our success, we understand that fostering employee well-being is an integral part of creating an environment where staff feel supported, valued, and motivated. College of the North Atlantic offers various programs and services that aim to create a safe space for individuals to seek guidance and address factors impacting their health and wellness.

Harassment-Free Workplace

Building and maintaining a harassment-free workplace: where respect is the standard and every voice matters.

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Respectful Workplace Program

Where every interaction builds a foundation of understanding and collaboration. Offering employees access to conflict resolution services and creating a psychologically safe work environment.

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Employee Health & Wellness Program

Designing and promoting initiatives aimed at prioritizing a balanced workplace culture - because your health matters.

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Employee Assistance Program

Providing access to confidential and compassionate counselling services to help employees navigate personal and professional challenges.

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CNA’s Core Values guide how it operates every day and are closely connected to its strategic directions.

At CNA, we recognize that through diversity, we grow stronger and are better able to support those we work with and are in service to. EDI empowers an organizational culture to welcome and amplify diverse perspectives, nurture belonging and actively foster a shared commitment for the advancement of these principles in our college community.

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