Continuous Learning

Training Customized to your Specific Needs


Thousands of individuals, businesses, communities, industry associations and government partners alike trust the Office of Customized & Continuous Learning (CCL) to provide flexible, relevant, customized training, delivery methods and locations.
CCL has the ability to offer training in-person, online or a blend of both to provide a customized training solution for your organization to stay competitive and successful.
Using existing programming or by developing new content, CCL provides professional development solutions designed to fit the needs of your organization.  Please contact us to get the practical knowledge and skills to enrich your people and prepare your organization for success 

Customized & Continuous Learning Overview

Customized and Continuous Learning (CCL) strives to provide life-long learning for its many audiences and partners. CCL delivers credit and non-credit programming, through customized and flexible content, delivery methods and locations.

We fulfill this life-long learning mandate first by proactively identifying gaps in the labour supply for emerging and changing economic sectors, and developing and delivering relevant training to link individuals to employment.

With 17 campuses across the province, Business Development Officers are ready to meet your training needs. 

Courses & Certificate Programs

The Office of Customized and Continues Learning have an extensive track record of working with industry to identify and address training and development opportunities for its many audiences including government, communities, industry associations, private businesses and individuals.

From a one-day session to programs of several weeks, CCL delivers any time, on-site or off-site, with relevant training infrastructure and resources. See some examples of training highlighted in the categories below.

NOTE: If you are seeking training not identified in the following sections please reach out to one of our BDOs to discuss possible options.


We offer the largest variety of safety offerings in the province, including WorkplaceNL Regulated safety such as Fall Protection, Traffic Control Person, and Occupational Health and Safety Training, plus many more.

Information Technology

Our hands on IT courses will promise to digitally enhance your skillset. We offer a range of courses from basic computer training to advanced software development.

Health Science

We offer a variety of training in health sciences to help you gain essential healthcare knowledge and skills while building professional skills sought by healthcare employers.

Applied Arts

Unleash your inner creativity and explore our opportunities in Applied Arts.


Are you interested in learning how things operate from the inside out? Do you have a constant desire to learn and are great at problem solving, a career in Engineering can offer incredible challenge and limitless potential.

Natural Resources

Our programs in Natural Resources focus on field based hands on learning. Explore our offerings here.


Explore the latest trends in tourism and take advantage of training to explore what makes Newfoundland & Labrador an impressive tourism destination, including cultural and culinary tourism, outdoor adventure, and customer service training.


Take your professional business skills to the next level with short courses in Accounting, Marketing, Communications, Leadership, and many more.

General Interest

CCL can provide a wealth of current courses and programming or we can provide a customized training solution to a myriad of scenarios both online, face-to-face, or a blend of both.

For more information about what CNA can do for your business, please see our Contract Training Brochure
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